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Tera Bear Consulting is a Colorado web application development and internet consulting firm that relies on FreeBSD for many of our mission-critical client projects. We offer customized, pre-configured, hardened and secured virtual servers under the FreeBSD Jail project. We have been successfully running FreeBSD for customers in production prior to FreeBSD 7. The benefits and stability of FreeBSD has been close to flawless in the decade-plus we have been administrating systems as a web application hosting provider, as well as web development firm.

I first became aware of FreeBSD while working on web-based, grassroots community media projects here in Boulder, and have used it pretty much continuously since then, as I worked with teams of developers to produce larger and more complex, commercial applications. Most of our local and remote contractors have had no problem transitioning to FreeBSD syntax and procedures for updating their development jail in a “real” UNIX environment where they have full control, as do our customers. This flexibility, coupled with the project’s continued commitment to stability, security and scalability made FreeBSD the right choice for most of our web development projects.

For these reasons, Tera Bear Consulting, is committed to using and supporting FreeBSD now, and in the future.

– Jon Lybrook, Tera Bear Consulting



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