BSDCan Trip Report: Julien Laffaye

During my trip in Ottawa, I met Baptiste Daroussin, with whom I developed the pkg_install replacement pkgng. It was nice to meet face-to-face and to discuss the future goals of pkgng development.

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BSDCan Trip Report: Simon Nielsen

My main goal of attending BSDCan 2011 and the preceding Developers Summit was “networking”, talking in person to many of the people I normally only interact with via email or IRC. Both to discuss some of the many smaller and larger outstanding issues but also just to generally meet people and talk to them in person which always help working together in the future.

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BSDCan Trip Report: Thomas Abthorpe

The first time I was privileged to attend BSDCan was in 2009, a generous sponsorship from the FreeBSD Foundation enabled me to attend. Of the many topics I could have reported on, I chose to identify the human aspect of FreeBSD, the people that make it happen, and why the Foundation sends developers to conferences.

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BSDCan Trip Report: Sergio Ligregni

The Foundation recently sponsored Sergio Ligregni to attend BSDCan 2011. Here is his trip report: The travel started at Mexico City’s International Airport, flying to Montreal and then to Ottawa.

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BSDCan Trip Report: Daichi Goto

The FreeBSD Foundation recently provided a travel grant to Daichi Goto to attend BSDCan and the FreeBSD Developer Summit. He has provided the following trip report

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Accepting Travel Grant Applications for BSDCan 2011

The FreeBSD Foundation will be providing a limited number of travel grants to individuals requesting assistance. Please fill out and submit the Travel Grant Request Application by April 15, 2011 to apply for this grant.

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BSDCan Update

The Foundation is pleased to have been able to provide travel grants for 13 developers to attend BSDCan. Travel reports are starting to come in and we’ll post them here as they arrive.

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BSDCan Trip Report: Ivor Prebeg

Recently, the Foundation sponsored Ivor Prebeg from the University of Zagreb to attend BSDCan and the FreeBSD Developer Summit. Ivor had this to say about his experiences at the conference:

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We're at BSDCan

Most of the Directors of the FreeBSD Foundation are here at BSDCan. If you’re attending, drop by the FreeBSD Foundation booth to say hi, look at the cool swag, and/or make a donation.

Accepting Travel Grant Applications for BSDCan

The FreeBSD Foundation is now accepting travel grant applications for BSDCan 2010. If interested, please fill out the Travel Grant application by April 9, 2010 to apply for this grant.

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