FreeBSD Foundation Management

Deb Goodkin, Executive Director

Deb has been with the foundation since August, 2006. She has spent 20+ years working in marketing, sales, and development of data storage devices. She earned an MSEE from the University of Santa Clara, and a BSCE from the University of California, San Diego.

Ed Maste, Director of Project Development

Ed first became involved with FreeBSD as a result of his work with the OS team at Sandvine, Inc. in 2003 and 2004. In 2005, after assisting Robert Watson with solving issues with the FreeBSD network stack, he received his commit bit.

Since then, he has moved on to lead the OS team, and has a number of developers working for him, in the area of bringing enhancements from FreeBSD into Sandvine's OS, contributing back changes that they have made, and supporting work that they find valuable by contracting FreeBSD committers.

Anne Dickison, Marketing Director

Anne joins the Foundation with over 15 years experience in technology-focused marketing and communications. Specifically, her work as the Marketing Director and then Co-Executive Director of the USENIX Association helped instill her commitment to spreading the word about the importance of free and open source technologies.