FreeBSD Foundation Privacy Policy

We would love to acknowledge everyone who donates to the foundation, but we also would like to respect your privacy. The Foundation will not sell or provide your address, phone number, or email address to anyone outside of the foundation. As we establish our new e-mail mailing list, we may send a one-time email to everyone who has made a donation. We will include in the e-mail how to unsubscribe. After that we will not send any unsolicited mailings.

If you do not want your name posted on our Donors page, there are different ways to indicate this depending on how you make your donation. DonateNow allows you to select "anonymous donation." PayPal has an "Optional Note" field that allows you to indicate anonymous donation. And, if you write a check, just write anonymous in the memo field.

If you make a credit card donation, you will be asked for a shipping address. Please supply your mailing address in that field. The Foundation is required by law to send letters of acknowledgment for donations, and we need your mailing address to comply with the law.