2009 Fund Raising Campaign

Since the start of our 'Be Counted!' campaign in August of this year, over 350 new and returning donors have contributed to the FreeBSD Foundation. With your help, we are now 50% of the way to meeting our 2009 fund raising goal. Thank you donors, for your support! Now, in these last few weeks of 2009, the FreeBSD Foundation needs the support of those who have yet to donate to take us the rest of the way.

The recession has hit everyone hard. For many, every possible expense has been cut, and what spending they do is out of strict necessity. Unfortunately the challenges facing FreeBSD are undiminished by recessions and the technological landscape continues to change at a rampant pace. That is why the FreeBSD Foundation nearly doubled its 2008 budget for 2009 and needs your support so we can avoid cutting our investments in 2010.

If you benefit from FreeBSD, please donate so:

  • development projects are funded to support emerging technologies such as solid state disks, USB 3.0, machine and network virtualization, highly parallel processors, clustering, and data replication.
  • BSD conferences continue around the globe.
  • students and contributors have the opportunity to attend conferences and developer summits.
  • the infrastructure of computers and equipment supporting our community can be maintained.
  • the FreeBSD community is grown through marketing and outreach to users and businesses.
  • FreeBSD trademarks are protected and the project has access to legal counsel.
  • FreeBSD continues to serve as the foundation for research and enterprise.

Every donation, no matter its size, makes this work possible. As a non-profit with very low overhead, your donation is the best way to invest in FreeBSD. Please make that investment today so we can meet our dual goals for 2009 of 1000 donors and $300,000.

You can make a donation (including recurring subscriptions) by going to: http://www.freebsdfoundation.org/donate/.