September 2017 Release Engineering Update


The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team continued the 10.4-RELEASE cycle, headed by Marius Strobl.  At the time of this writing, four BETA builds have been released, with BETA4 being added to the release schedule shortly after the release of BETA3 to extend the beta testing phase to ensure a few last-minute changes had sufficient time for testing.  Additionally, two RC builds have been released, with RC2 currently expected to be the final release candidate for 10.4, with the final release builds currently scheduled to start on September 29.  FreeBSD 10.4 builds upon the stability and reliability of 10.3-RELEASE, and is expected to be the final release from the 10.x series. 

For information and progress of the major milestones during the 10.4 release cycle, see the release schedule page.

– contributed by Glen Barber

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