July/August 2018 Issue of the FreeBSD Journal Now Available

The July/August 2018 issue of the FreeBSD Journal is now available! The latest issue is focused on Big Data and features articles on High-performance Computing and FreeBSD, FreeBSD in Scientific Computing, pNFS, and more!

July 2018 Development Projects Update

FreeBSD has long supported run-time microcode loading, although in a somewhat cumbersome fashion. Currently a userland tool makes use of a special kernel interface to inject new microcode, which has a couple of downsides. First, microcode is not loaded until well after the kernel has booted, which means that any security or stability improvements provided by a microcode update are not available until late in the boot process. Second, the microcode may revert to that provided by the system after suspend and resume, which is particularly problematic if the new microcode implements new features or control registers (because the registers will “disappear” after resume).

BSDCan 2018 Trip Report: Danilo G. Baio

I arrived in Ottawa the afternoon of June 5. First thing I had to do was find change to pay the bus fare. To do so, I searched the airport for a gift, knowing I needed exactly $3.50 to pay the bus to the Ottawa University. Finally, I  headed to the bus stop.

To get to the bus I had to ask for directions: “what bus to take?” and “how would I know when I arrived at the University?”. A kind man informed me to take Bus 97 and stop at the Laurier station. He made it sound easy.

BSDCan 2018 Trip Report: Rodrigo Osorio

I want to thank the FreeBSD Foundation for sponsoring my trip to BSDCan 2018, which took place in Ottawa, Canada. The conference was both my first BSD event outside of Europe, and also my first trip to Canada.

Before the conference, I attended the FreeBSD Dev Summit, where I was able to meet other FreeBSD developers.

BSDCan 2018 Trip Report: Constantin Stan

 I am proud I was among the 280 people who attended BSDCan 2018. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the FreeBSD Foundation and those who accepted my travel grant. For this, I would like to thank the FreeBSD Foundation.

I am relatively new to BSD, (I don’t have a programming background) but I was interested in learning about BSD. I found the community to be the most welcoming for new users and the closest to my heart.

Upcoming FreeBSD Events

The Foundation team will be busy spreading the word about FreeBSD over the next month. Check out what the rest of the summer has in store for our team of global FreeBSD advocates. We hope to see you at these events.

BSDCan 2018 Trip Report: Dhananjay Balan

With the sponsorship of the FreeBSD Foundation, I had the good fortune of attending BSDCan 2018.

I have been a happy user of FreeBSD for quite some time.  All of my personal infrastructure runs on FreeBSD, including my laptop. When I found that the software I use was missing from ports, I began to contribute back by maintaining these ports.

BSDCan 2018 Trip Report: Kyle Evans

The FreeBSD Foundation kindly sponsored my trip to BSDCan 2018 in Ottawa, Canada that took place June 6th through the 9th. I was able to attend both the FreeBSD Developer Summit as well as the conference proper, and I met many people along the way. I am incredibly grateful for having had this opportunity.


BSDCan 2018 Trip Report: Mark Johnston

I was lucky enough to obtain a grant from the FreeBSD Foundation to attend BSDCan 2018 in Ottawa, Canada.  Various employers have sponsored my trips to previous BSDCan conferences over the past five years, but since that was not possible this year I am grateful to the Foundation for allowing me to continue my attendance streak.

BSDCan 2018 Recap
BSDCan 2018 Recap 06/29/2018

A few weeks ago, most of the Foundation board and staff descended on Ottawa, to attend BSDCan and the preceding FreeBSD developer summit. We also held our annual board meeting the day before the developer summit, which made it a busy, but productive week for us.