Upcoming FreeBSD Events

The Foundation team will be busy spreading the word about FreeBSD over the next month. Check out what the rest of the summer has in store for our team of global FreeBSD advocates. We hope to see you at these events.

BSDCan 2018 Trip Report: Dhananjay Balan

With the sponsorship of the FreeBSD Foundation, I had the good fortune of attending BSDCan 2018.

I have been a happy user of FreeBSD for quite some time.  All of my personal infrastructure runs on FreeBSD, including my laptop. When I found that the software I use was missing from ports, I began to contribute back by maintaining these ports.

BSDCan 2018 Trip Report: Kyle Evans

The FreeBSD Foundation kindly sponsored my trip to BSDCan 2018 in Ottawa, Canada that took place June 6th through the 9th. I was able to attend both the FreeBSD Developer Summit as well as the conference proper, and I met many people along the way. I am incredibly grateful for having had this opportunity.


BSDCan 2018 Trip Report: Mark Johnston

I was lucky enough to obtain a grant from the FreeBSD Foundation to attend BSDCan 2018 in Ottawa, Canada.  Various employers have sponsored my trips to previous BSDCan conferences over the past five years, but since that was not possible this year I am grateful to the Foundation for allowing me to continue my attendance streak.

BSDCan 2018 Recap
BSDCan 2018 Recap 06/29/2018

A few weeks ago, most of the Foundation board and staff descended on Ottawa, to attend BSDCan and the preceding FreeBSD developer summit. We also held our annual board meeting the day before the developer summit, which made it a busy, but productive week for us.

EuroBSDcon 2018 Travel Grant Application Now Open

The Travel Grant Application for EuroBSDcon 2018 is now open. The Foundation can help you attend EuroBSDcon through our travel grant program. Grants are available to FreeBSD developers and advocates who need assistance with travel expenses for attending conferences related to FreeBSD development

FreeBSD Foundation Installfest Recap

I couldn’t be more thrilled for the outcome of our first ever Foundation hosted FreeBSD Bootcamp on April 16. I’ve talked for years about developing workshops and training material for introducing new people to FreeBSD, and by working with some local FreeBSD contributors, we finally made it happen!

Happy FreeBSD Day!
Happy FreeBSD Day! 06/19/2018

Happy FreeBSD Day everyone! June 19th has been declared FreeBSD Day, and this year we’re celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the FreeBSD Project.  We hope you’ll join us in honoring the Project’s pioneering legacy and continuing impact on technology. Find out more about FreeBSD Day and how you can help us celebrate here.

BSDNow Celebrates FreeBSD at 25

BSDNow is celebrating FreeBSD at 25 with a retrospective. Sit back and check out over 6 hours of interviews from members of the FreeBSD community including a new interview with Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick from BSDcan 2018.

Guest Blog: What I Learned During My FreeBSD Internship

Hi, my name is Mitchell Horne. I am a computer engineering student at the University of Waterloo, currently in my third year of studies, and fortunate to have been one of the FreeBSD Foundation’s co-op students this past term (January to April). During this time I worked under Ed Maste, in the Foundation’s small Kitchener office, along with another co-op student Arshan Khanifar. My term has now come to an end, and so I’d like to share a little bit about my experience as a newcomer to FreeBSD and open-source development.