FreeBSD Foundation Turns to NYI for East Coast US Mirror

From this morning’s joint press release (available for PDF download): Deployment Adds Enterprise-Grade Redundancy for Improved Reliability, Reduced Latency, High-Speed Backups and Other Efficiencies

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Accepting Travel Grant Applications for EuroBSDCon

The FreeBSD Foundation will be providing a limited number of travel grants to individuals requesting assistance. Please download, complete, and submit the Travel Grant Request Application by September 3, 2010 to apply for this grant.

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FreeBSD Foundation Newsletter

Our Semi-Annual Newsletter is now available. There’s a lot of information in this edition, including:


DAHDI FreeBSD Driver Project

We are pleased to announce that Max Khon has been awarded a grant to finish the DAHDI (formerly known as Zaptel) FreeBSD driver port.

SIFTR Committed
SIFTR Committed 07/15/2010

On July 3, Lawrence Stewart committed SIFTR (Statistical Information For TCP Research) to HEAD. SIFTR was part of the Improvements to the FreeBSD TCP Stack project that the Foundation funded last year.

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Resource Containers Project

We are pleased to announce that Edward Tomasz Napierala has been awarded a grant to implement resource containers and a simple per-jail resource limits mechanism.

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Booth at MeetBSD Poland

There will be a FreeBSD Foundation booth during MeetBSD Poland this Friday and Saturday. Feel free to drop by the booth to learn more about the Foundation’s efforts, check out the cool Foundation swag (baseball caps and toques), pick up our latest brochure, and/or make a donation to the Foundation.

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Dtrace Userland Project

Rui Paulo has been awarded a grant to add DTrace userland support to FreeBSD. DTrace is a general purpose and lightweight tracing framework that allows administrators, developers and users to investigate causes of system failure or performance bottlenecks.

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BSNMP Improvements Project

The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to announce that Shteryana Shopova has been awarded a grant to make improvements to BSNMP.

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FreeBSD and PostgreSQL

Last month the FreeBSD DevSummit was once again held the two days prior to BSDCan. While the DevSummit is aimed primarily at FreeBSD Developers, some invitees were from other organizations that use, contribute to, or are otherwise interested in the development of FreeBSD.

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