Guest Blog Post: Alexandru Elisei on Implementing bhyve for arm64

At University Politehnica of Bucharest, the Bachelor’s curriculum includes two operating system courses: the first one, in the third year, teaches the fundamental principles common to all operating systems: processes, virtual memory, I/O. The second course is optional and is taught in the fourth year. Despite its name, the course, ‘Advanced Operating Systems’, is a course about writing Linux drivers.

Your Impact on FreeBSD in 2018

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of December! As I reflect on our contributions over the year, I can’t be more proud of my team of employees, contractors, and volunteers, who are passionate about FreeBSD and dedicated to supporting the FreeBSD Project and community.

2018 in Review: Foundation Interns

Last year, we spoke about the Foundation’s new co-op program in conjunction with University of Waterloo. Introducing people to FreeBSD is an important part of the Foundation’s mission. We were pleased to continue the program in 2018 and even more excited when one of the first interns became a full-fledged committer.

MeetBSD 2018 Trip Report: Conor Beh

Thanks to the FreeBSD Foundation, I was able to attend MeetBSD, my first BSD conference and second open source conference ever. It was an amazing experience. As someone who lives in a remote rural area, the ability to directly interact with like minded people is invaluable. While learning is a huge part of conferences, the interaction with the community is vital too. The community is what makes the FreeBSD project what it is today, a thriving success, full of extremely motivated people. It was so much fun being able to see and converse with people I’ve read blog posts about or talked to online. I came to BSD for great performance and security, but I am staying for the community. My flight arrived at the San Jose International Airport just after noon on the 18th. It was a long day getting there, but it was worth it.



MeetBSD 2018 Trip Report: Rodney Grimes

I wish to extend my thanks to the FreeBSD Foundation for the travel grant which allowed me to attend MeetBSD 2018 as a representative of the Release Engineering team.  I would also like to thank Michael Dexter and iXsystems for advancing the funds, and making travel and hotel arrangements to accommodate my stay in Santa Clara for the event.  Furthermore I would like thank Sabina Anja, Sean Chittenden, Brad Davis, Michael Dexter, and Michael Lucas who paid for various meals throughout the conference.

MeetBSD 2018 Trip Report:  Mark Johnston

Thanks to the FreeBSD Foundation, I was able to travel to the Bay Area to attend MeetBSD 2018, and the attached FreeBSD developer summit.  This was my second time attending the conference after the last one in Berkeley in 2016; MeetBSD 2018 was held at Intel’s Santa Clara campus.  As usual, the conference was a welcome opportunity to see colleagues and meet newcomers to the FreeBSD community, and I’m grateful to the Foundation for having made it possible for me to attend.

November 2018 Development Projects Update

An ongoing project in FreeBSD is the migration to a permissively licensed, modern tool chain. The Foundation has sponsored portions of this work over the last several years, and is now helping form a plan to address the collection of outstanding issues scattered across a number of areas. A tracking PR is open to identify all of the individual issues as dependencies.

Conference Recap: Rocky Mountain Celebration of Women in Computing

On November 1 and 2, I had the opportunity to attend the Rocky Mountain Celebration of Women in Computing, in Denver, Colorado.  I was thrilled to finally advocate for FreeBSD at a local conference!

Support FreeBSD on #GivingTuesday 2018

It’s almost here! Tomorrow, November 27, is #GivingTuesday. Now in its seventh year, #GivingTuesday is a global event that brings together diverse communities to foster giving. 

EuroBSDcon 2018 Conference Recap

Last month I attended EuroBSDCon and the preceding FreeBSD Developer Summit. Both events were held at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania. The two-day developer summit was a productive, face-to-face opportunity for contributors from various parts of the project to work together discussing ideas, and working on plans and solutions for improving FreeBSD, processes, and developer support.