2019 Fundraising Update: Thank you!

2019 has been our busiest year yet! We promoted, presented and ran FreeBSD workshops at 38 events around the world; committed over 1200 code changes; reviewed and provided feedback on 100s of other developer changes, and improved the continuous integration test pass rate by almost 100%! We were able to do this and more because of funding from people like you.

Thank You for Supporting FreeBSD in 2019

On behalf of the FreeBSD Foundation, thank you for all of your support in 2019. Take a minute to see what you helped us accomplish this year!

2019 in Review: CI and Testing Advancements

One of the major goals for 2019 was to focus on improving the software quality of the FreeBSD codebase and extending the features of the FreeBSD project’s continuous integration. This year, we examined the test results and the test cases carefully with the goal of zero false positives.

Faces of FreeBSD 2019: Mahdi Mokhtari

When Mahdi Mokhtari was a young student growing up in Tehran, Iran, he never thought FreeBSD would help him meet other people outside his home country, and that some of them would become as close as family for him, or that it would eventually lead him to leave the Middle East for a new life and job in Europe.

2019 in Review: Software Development Projects

2019 draws to a close with another year of increased Foundation-sponsored FreeBSD software development. As I write this there have been 1276 commits this year tagged as sponsored by the Foundation. That represents about 17% of all commits over the year, and about 45% of commits that identify a sponsor.

Your Impact on FreeBSD in 2019

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is nearly over. It has been an amazing year for supporting the FreeBSD Project and community! Why do I say that? Because as I reflect over the past 12 months, I realize how many events we’ve attended all over the world, and how many lives we’ve touched in so many ways. 

2019 in Review: Advocacy

It’s that time again for our year in review. We’ll start our look back at 2019 with a review of how your support helped us advocate for FreeBSD. Advocacy is a big part of our mission, and we have dedicated a lot of time and funding to spreading the word about FreeBSD over the past year.

Support FreeBSD on #GivingTuesday

It’s nearly time. Next Tuesday, December 3rd, is #GivingTuesday. Now in its eighth year, #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving that brings together diverse communities to foster generosity.

COSCon '19 Conference Report

The FreeBSD Foundation was pleased to be a part of COSCon ’19, which took place in Shanghai, China on November 2-3, 2019. With over 1500 attendees, COSCon is one of the largest open source conferences in mainland China. It is organized by Kai-yuan-she (a word-by-word translation of “open”-“source”-“society”), which is a kind of non-profit in China.

FreeBSD Foundation Q3 2019 Status Update

Written as part of the FreeBSD Project’s Q3 2019 Status report, check out the highlights of what we did to help FreeBSD last quarter.