Join us at the 2017 FreeBSD Storage Summit

The 2017 FreeBSD Storage Summit is almost here. Join us in Santa Clara, CA on February 27, 2017, for a single day event will be filled with presentations about new developments in FreeBSD’s storage stack and the latest storage trends. 

Upcoming FreeBSD Events

From sponsoring events to attending conferences, the Foundation is continuing its mission of advocacy in early 2017. In the next few weeks, members of the Foundation team will be representing the Project and the Foundation at events around the world. 

Faces of FreeBSD 2017: Joseph Kong

Welcome to the first 2017 edition of the Faces of FreeBSD series. We’re again sharing a story from someone involved in FreeBSD. It may be a story from someone who’s received funding from us to work on development projects, run conferences, travel to conferences, or advocate for FreeBSD. Or, it may be from someone who gives back to FreeBSD financially or in another way.  Regardless, it is always from someone who is making a positive difference in the FreeBSD world.

January 2017 Projects Update

Happy new year and welcome to 2017! In this update, I’ll take the opportunity to look at how the FreeBSD Foundation identifies, reviews, and chooses projects to be undertaken by paid development staff and by recipients of project development grants.

2016 Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit and MeetBSD Trip Report: Gavin Atkinson

This October and November I was given the chance to attend three FreeBSD-related conferences and meetups, thanks to The FreeBSD Foundation and Google.

A Message From the FreeBSD Foundation

From those of us at the Foundation, we would like to say…

Recap of 2016 Advocacy Efforts

As we’ve mentioned before, if you’ve ever been to a FreeBSD Developer Summit, or read any of the Foundation entries in the quarterly status report, you’ve heard us talk about how advocating for FreeBSD is an important part of how we support the Project. Advocacy takes many forms, from attending conferences to promote the Project, to creating literature to educate and inform on the latest FreeBSD efforts. We talk about the latest developments on social media, interview community members about their experiences with FreeBSD, and work with companies to share why FreeBSD is their operating system of choice.

FreeBSD Foundation Announces New Uranium Level Donation

We are thrilled to announce we have received a $500,000 donation from an anonymous donor. We are incredibly grateful for this donation and want to extend a heartfelt thank you to this donor for recognizing the value we provide by supporting the FreeBSD Project and community worldwide. We are indebted to to donors like this, who are investing in FreeBSD and the Foundation to make FreeBSD the best platform for education, research, computing, product development, and gaining real-world skills. Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year! 

2016 FreeBSD Foundation Project Development Summary

Over the past year, the Foundation staff and grant recipients completed many projects. A check of the Subversion source repository shows over 950 commits sponsored by the FreeBSD Foundation. Here is a recap of the major development work undertaken in 2016.

Increasing FreeBSD Support

We’re halfway through the giving season! Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the Foundation. As we mentioned in the most recent newsletter, the updated #GivingTuesday stats show that you helped us raise $8400 in 24 hours! With the generous donation from What’sApp CEO and Founder, Jan Koum, the Foundation has reached 71% of our goal. This is where you come in. Please help us continue and grow our investment in The FreeBSD Project by donating today.