BSDCam 2017 Trip Report: Nanako Momiyama
BSDCam 2017 Trip Report: Nanako Momiyama Sabine Percarpio 08/23/2017

 It was right after my presentation and just before closing session at BSDCan 2017 in Ottawa, that several FreeBSD folks informed me that next FreeBSD developer summit would take place in Cambridge and application deadline for travel grants would be closing in a few days.  I appreciate that the FreeBSD Foundation provided me with a valuable opportunity for attending 2017 Cambridge Developers Summit (BSDCam).

BSDCam 2017 Trip Report: Michael Lucas
BSDCam 2017 Trip Report: Michael Lucas Sabine Percarpio 08/09/2017

Over the decades, FreeBSD development and coordination has shifted from being purely on-line to involving more and more in-person coordination and cooperation. The FreeBSD Foundation sponsors a devsummit right before BSDCan, EuroBSDCon, and AsiaBSDCon, so that developers traveling to the con can leverage their airfare and hammer out some problems. Yes, the Internet is great for coordination, but nothing beats a group of developers spending ten minutes together to sketch on a whiteboard and figuring out exactly how to make something bulletproof.

BSDCan 2017 Trip Report: Roller Angel
BSDCan 2017 Trip Report: Roller Angel Sabine Percarpio 07/11/2017

In the morning of the first day of the Devsummit, I arrived early to collect my name badge and find a place to sit. Gordon Tetlow greeted me and helped me find my badge. I recognized Dru Lavigne so I walked over to introduce myself. Dru introduced me to Warren who gave me a FreeBSD dog food sticker as a reward for eating my own dog food by running FreeBSD on my laptop. I introduced myself to Allan Jude, Benedict Reuschling, Sean Webb, and Kirk McKusick.

2016 Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit and MeetBSD Trip Report: Gavin Atkinson

This October and November I was given the chance to attend three FreeBSD-related conferences and meetups, thanks to The FreeBSD Foundation and Google.

2016 EuroBSD Trip Report: Oladipupo Cornelius Oyediji

After perusing for new operating systems to install and work on, I came about the latest version of FreeBSD, then 10.1. I quickly fired up the BSD Wikipedia page to see more about what the FreeBSD OS is all about. Having heard of it several times, I always thought that the operating system is also a part of the Linux family. The Wikipedia page showed that it is a derivative of the BSD 4.4 OS family, which is a deviant of Unix rather than Linux. This strikes my curiosity, I thought to myself, in Nigeria all we do is Linux, I would love to be different and unique by doing what not so many are doing. I later came across the EuroBSDCon 16 travel grant and applied, luckily my application was granted. Preparations towards attending the conference then started.

2016 MeetBSD Trip Report: JT Pennington
2016 MeetBSD Trip Report: JT Pennington Sabine Percarpio 12/08/2016

The FreeBSD Foundation was generous enough to sponsor my trip to MeetBSD 2016 this year, and I am extremely appreciative for the ability to attend. MeetBSD 2016 was the first BSD conference I have attended, and it will certainly not be my last. As an ex-Linux Developer who’s attended and spoken at many Linux conferences over the years, I’ve always been curious as to how BSD conferences compare. I’ve been moving away from the Linux community for a couple years now, and am happy to make BSD my new home. Attending MeetBSD this year helped cement in my mind that the FreeBSD community is where I belong.

MeetBSD 2016 Trip Report: Domagoj Stolfa
MeetBSD 2016 Trip Report: Domagoj Stolfa Sabine Percarpio 11/23/2016

The FreeBSD Foundation has sponsored my trip to MeetBSD 2016, which took place in Berkeley, CA. I attended the FreeBSD developer and vendor summit on November 10th and MeetBSD on November 11th and 12th of 2016. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the entirety of the FreeBSD Foundation for making it possible for me to attend with the travel grant. I would also like to thank Michael Dexter for his aid in finding a roommate for me and providing information.

2016 EuroBSD Trip Report: Kamil Czekirda
2016 EuroBSD Trip Report: Kamil Czekirda Sabine Percarpio 10/20/2016

The FreeBSD Foundation sponsored my trip to Belgrade, Serbia in September 2016, where I attended the FreeBSD devsummit and EuroBSDcon 2016. I would like to thank the FreeBSD Foundation for sponsoring my trip.

2016 BSDCan Trip Report: Li-Wen Hsu
2016 BSDCan Trip Report: Li-Wen Hsu Sabine Percarpio 07/22/2016

This is my third year attending BSDCan. Thanks to the Foundation for making this trip possible. Traveling from the other side of the Earth is never an easy thing for me, but joining BSDCan is always the most joyful thing for me.

2016 BSDCan Trip Report: Trent Thompson
2016 BSDCan Trip Report: Trent Thompson Sabine Percarpio 07/18/2016

Spending a week in Canada with a large group of BSD hackers was not what I had expected, but in a good way. I have gone to a few information security conferences in the past, but they do not compare to the knowledge gained, and fun I had that week.