FreeBSD Foundation Installfest Recap
FreeBSD Foundation Installfest Recap Anne Dickison 06/25/2018

I couldn’t be more thrilled for the outcome of our first ever Foundation hosted FreeBSD Bootcamp on April 16. I’ve talked for years about developing workshops and training material for introducing new people to FreeBSD, and by working with some local FreeBSD contributors, we finally made it happen!

Happy FreeBSD Day!
Happy FreeBSD Day! Anne Dickison 06/19/2018

Happy FreeBSD Day everyone! June 19th has been declared FreeBSD Day, and this year we’re celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the FreeBSD Project.  We hope you’ll join us in honoring the Project’s pioneering legacy and continuing impact on technology. Find out more about FreeBSD Day and how you can help us celebrate here.

BSDNow Celebrates FreeBSD at 25
BSDNow Celebrates FreeBSD at 25 Anne Dickison 06/19/2018

BSDNow is celebrating FreeBSD at 25 with a retrospective. Sit back and check out over 6 hours of interviews from members of the FreeBSD community including a new interview with Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick from BSDcan 2018.

Guest Blog: What I Learned During My FreeBSD Internship

Hi, my name is Mitchell Horne. I am a computer engineering student at the University of Waterloo, currently in my third year of studies, and fortunate to have been one of the FreeBSD Foundation’s co-op students this past term (January to April). During this time I worked under Ed Maste, in the Foundation’s small Kitchener office, along with another co-op student Arshan Khanifar. My term has now come to an end, and so I’d like to share a little bit about my experience as a newcomer to FreeBSD and open-source development.

Help Us Build a FreeBSD Timeline
Help Us Build a FreeBSD Timeline Anne Dickison 05/07/2018

Calling all FreeBSD fans! June 19, 2018 marks the 25th Anniversary of the FreeBSD Project. To help celebrate, the Foundation is putting together a Project timeline and we need your help. Do you have a “FreeBSD First”? Fill out the form or send us an email with the name and date of the milestone.

Submit Your Work: Open Calls for Proposals

Presenting at a conference is an excellent way to spread the word about the work you’re doing, while raising awareness for FreeBSD. Check out the list of upcoming Calls For Proposals.

April 2018 Development Projects Update
April 2018 Development Projects Update Anne Dickison 04/30/2018

At the end of April the Foundation’s two co-operative education (co-op) students from the University of Waterloo, Mitchell and Arshan, will conclude their work terms and head back to school. The University of Waterloo is a pioneer in co-operative education, where students divide their time between University studies and practical work placements in industry. The Waterloo model divides the year into three four-month terms, with a total of eight study terms in Engineering and Computer Science. School and work terms run year-round, including over the summer. A typical four year degree thus takes an extra eight months, but upon graduation students have a total of two years of real work experience.

Guest Post - A Look at SDN Emulator Mininet

At this year’s AsiaBSDCon, I presented a talk about a SDN network emulator called Mininet, and my ongoing work to make it more portable. That presentation was focused on the OpenBSD version of the port, and I breezed past the detail that I also had a version or Mininet working on FreeBSD. Because I was given the opportunity, I’d like to share a bit about the FreeBSD version of Mininet. It will not only be about what Mininet is and why it might be interesting, but also a recounting of my experience as a user making a first-time attempt at porting an application to FreeBSD.

Conference Recap: SCaLE 16x
Conference Recap: SCaLE 16x Anne Dickison 04/09/2018

I had the opportunity to attend SCaLEx16 (Southern California Linux Expo) March 8-11, in Pasadena, California. Based on its name, one would think it was a Linux conference. While that may have been the focus in the beginning, today the conference is evolving into an open source conference with many other projects involved. If only they could remove the L from the name…

Conference Recap: FOSSASIA 2018
Conference Recap: FOSSASIA 2018 Anne Dickison 04/09/2018

FOSSASIA is possibly the largest open source event in Asia. The FreeBSD Foundation sponsored the conference and covered part of my travel expenses.