BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Koop Mast
BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Koop Mast Anne Dickison 08/17/2015

I have been to two EuroBSDCon conferences and now I can add my first BSDCan to the list. The trip to Ottawa was just as interesting as the conference itself, it was the first time I stepped aboard an airplane. Purely by chance I found out, after I booked my flight, that I shared the same flight with Ed Schouten and Massimiliano Stucchi so they could help me with the confusing ant hill that is your average airport.

BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Mark Linimon
BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Mark Linimon Anne Dickison 07/31/2015

I arrived two days early so that I could recover from the first stage of my vacation preceding the conference, and then socialize. (The latter can be an advantage because trying to carry on a conversation in the larger groups later in the week can sometimes be daunting.) To some extent this was just a continuation of my vacation (i.e. funded out of my own pocket.)

BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Shonali Balakrishna

One of the slides at the opening session of the BSDCan conference read, “So many smart people in one room. This is why I attend BSD conferences.” I smiled to myself, and began to soak up the excitement of my first BSD conference. After nine talks and multiple conversations with the aforementioned smart people, I am thoroughly convinced! Not only does a BSD conference have way too many very smart people in one room, but also some of the nicest.

BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Kamil Czekirda
BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Kamil Czekirda Anne Dickison 07/08/2015

My trip to Ottawa, Canada was sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation and took place in June 2015, where I attended FreeBSD devsummit and BSDCan 2015. I would like to thank FreeBSD Foundation for sponsoring my trip, Gavin Atkinson for an invitation to devsummit, and the mentor of my project, Warner Losh, for the meeting.

BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Christian Brueffer

For several years now, BSDCan has been known in the FreeBSD universe as the place to be. It features great talks, is attended by many people FreeBSD core developers, some who usually don’t make it over to one of the European conferences, as well as the largest FreeBSD developer summit.

BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Warren Block
BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Warren Block Anne Dickison 07/07/2015

BSDCan, the large BSD conference in Ottawa, Ontario, was held in June this year. Each year, it becomes a bigger event. As in previous years, Andrew Ross was there with the FOSSLC Project, recording the presentations with excellent video and audio quality. As of this writing, some but not all of the recordings have made it to YouTube, and links are included for the ones that are known.

FreeBSD Foundation Welcomes New Board Member - Benedict Reuschling

During BSDCan, the FreeBSD Foundation welcomed Benedict Reuschling to the Board of Directors. We sat down with Benedict to find out more about his background and what brought him to the Foundation. Please take a moment to see what he has to say and join us in welcoming him to the board!

BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Zbigniew Bodek
BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Zbigniew Bodek Anne Dickison 06/30/2015

After a relatively long flight I finally arrived to Ottawa airport. On the spot I started noticing familiar faces and BSD logos here and there (we had plenty of time to stare while waiting in a huge line to immigration). BTW. Don’t ever forget your FreeBSD T-shirt and/or cap when attending BSD conference. They make you glow in the dark for other BSD-geeks so if you don’t have any – buy one.

BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Vsevolod Stakhov

During the BSDCan 2015 conference, I have attended the FreeBSD developers summit. I was particularly interested in the track called “Designing Universal Configuration Files for FreeBSD”. As I’m the author of the library that was discussed, I did a talk about library internals and discussed some open questions with Jonathan Anderson, David Chisnall and Allan Jude.

BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Ahmed Kamal
BSDCan 2015 Trip Report: Ahmed Kamal Anne Dickison 06/24/2015

I come from Cairo, Egypt, and this was my very first BSD conference! Needless to say, it was a blast! It was said many times during the conference, and I believe it to be true, so here it is again. “I’m here because so many people smarter than me are here!”.