BSDCan 2019 Trip Report: Mark Johnston BSDCan 2019 Trip Report: Mark Johnston Loren Gurkowski 07/10/2019

Thanks to the FreeBSD Foundation, I was able to make the trip from Toronto to Ottawa to attend BSDCan 2019 and the FreeBSD developer summit. Following the conference, I also made it to a small hackathon held at the University of Waterloo. I work from home, which can create a sense of isolation despite the ability to easily communicate with colleagues over the Internet; conferences are thus an important way to recharge my enthusiasm for working on FreeBSD. This year’s BSDCan was not a disappointment: I attended a number of interesting talks, collaborated on some designs for future projects, and helped review and debug some code.


BSDCan 2019 Trip Report: Kirill Ponomarev BSDCan 2019 Trip Report: Kirill Ponomarev Loren Gurkowski 07/01/2019

BSDCan 2019 report:

The FreeBSD Foundation kindly agreed to sponsor my flight to Canada for the BSDCan 2019 conference this year. I am extremely appreciative of this. It was my 3rd time attending BSDCan, my first one was long ago in 2005, and I really admire how much larger and professional the conference has become during recent years. Special thanks to Dan Langille for his efforts and work.

BSDCan 2019 Trip Report: Danilo Baio BSDCan 2019 Trip Report: Danilo Baio Loren Gurkowski 07/01/2019

This is my trip report from BSDCan 2019, in Ottawa, Canada:

From May 15-16, I attended the FreeBSD Developer Summit and then attended BSDCan from May 17-18.

On the first day, we had presentations from The FreeBSD Foundation, Intel and NetApp. NetApp’s presentation was about their experience with Continuous Integration (CI) and Testing, it was a very nice talk and brought enlightenment to everyone who attended. I believe that the DevSummit presentations will be soon available on YouTube, and it is worth watching them.

EuroBSDcon 2019 Travel Grant Application Now Open EuroBSDcon 2019 Travel Grant Application Now Open Anne Dickison 06/25/2019

The Travel Grant Application for EuroBSDcon 2019 is now open. The Foundation can help you attend EuroBSDcon through our travel grant program. Grants are available to FreeBSD developers and advocates who need assistance with travel expenses for attending conferences related to FreeBSD development.

Foundation Staffing Update Foundation Staffing Update Anne Dickison 06/21/2019

As you may already know, today is Glen Barber’s last day with the Foundation.  We’ll all miss having Glen as part of the Foundation team, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for his years of dedication in support of both the Project and the Foundation. We wish him the best at his new position and look forward to working together as he continues his roles within the Project.

FreeBSD Day is Almost Here FreeBSD Day is Almost Here Anne Dickison 06/14/2019

June 19th has been declared FreeBSD Day, and we hope you’ll join us in honoring the Project’s pioneering legacy and continuing impact on technology.

FreeBSD Foundation Q1 2019 Status Update FreeBSD Foundation Q1 2019 Status Update Anne Dickison 05/24/2019

Written as part of the FreeBSD Project’s Q1 2019 Status report, check out the highlights of what we did to help FreeBSD last quarter:

We kicked off the year with an all-day board meeting in Berkeley, where FreeBSD began, to put together high-level plans for 2019. This included prioritizing technologies and features we should support, long-term planning for the next 2-5 years, and philosophical discussions on our purpose and goals.

LinuxFest Northwest Trip Report: Conor Beh LinuxFest Northwest Trip Report: Conor Beh Loren Gurkowski 05/24/2019

With the 20th Anniversary of LinuxFest Northwest, April 26th-28th, came a great turnout by the FreeBSD community. I had the chance to join our friends in the Linux camp and Open Source community, with three FreeBSD related talks and a large table presence at the conference. Despite LinuxFest Northwest’s somewhat out-of-the-way location, the diversity of talks and the low-stress atmosphere attracted people from all over the world.

FreeBSD at LinuxFest Northwest FreeBSD at LinuxFest Northwest Anne Dickison 04/25/2019

Attending LinuxFest Northwest? Don’t forget to check out the FreeBSD-related talks and be sure to stop by the FreeBSD table to chat with members of the Foundation team and FreeBSD community. 

NetApp Returns as Iridium Level Donor in 2019 NetApp Returns as Iridium Level Donor in 2019 Anne Dickison 04/17/2019

We’re pleased to announce that NetApp is continuing to support the FreeBSD Foundation at the Iridium level in 2019. The most recent donation marks nearly 15 years of ongoing support of open source and commitment to the FreeBSD Project.