In Memory of Kurt Lidl In Memory of Kurt Lidl Anne Dickison 11/04/2019

Kurt Lidl passed away on October 10, 2019 at the age of 51 from aggressive metastatic kidney cancer that had been diagnosed just 95 days earlier on July 8th, despite attention from some of the leading kidney cancer specialists.

FOSDEM 2020 FreeBSD Mini Dev Summit and BSD Dev Room CFPs Now Open FOSDEM 2020 FreeBSD Mini Dev Summit and BSD Dev Room CFPs Now Open Anne Dickison 10/29/2019

FOSDEM is always an excellent  event for meeting up with fellow FreeBSD and BSD developers and learning about the latest developments in Open Source.  The Foundation is again sponsoring a Mini-Developer Summit scheduled to take place on January 31, 2020 right before the main conference. The Call for Proposals is now open. Find out more here.

EuroBSDCon 2019 Trip Report: Dries Michiels EuroBSDCon 2019 Trip Report: Dries Michiels Loren Gurkowski 10/24/2019

EuroBSDCon 2019 was the first *BSD related conference that I have attended. Throughout the conference I decided that during my conversations I would randomly ask individuals if they were a FreeBSD developer. If the answer was yes, I would have them write their name on the hardcover of my copy of “The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System.” I also asked for them to state in a few words what they feel they have contributed the most to in *BSD. In order to keep it personal and creative there were no restrictions on what they could write. In the end I might of been remembered as the guy that was “annoying as a service…” – A copy of the page in question is available on demand.

FreeBSD Miniconf at 2020 Call for Sessions Now Open FreeBSD Miniconf at 2020 Call for Sessions Now Open Anne Dickison 10/16/2019

The FreeBSD Foundation in conjunction with simPRO Software is excited to host a FreeBSD Miniconf at 2020. The Call for Sessions for the one-day event is now open. 

Upcoming Events: October 2019 Upcoming Events: October 2019 Anne Dickison 10/03/2019

From sponsoring events to attending conferences, the Foundation is continuing its mission of advocacy in October. In the next few weeks, members of the Foundation team will be representing the Project and the Foundation at events around the world.

FUSE Driver Update FUSE Driver Update Anne Dickison 09/16/2019

During 2019 the FreeBSD Foundation sponsored me to rewrite FreeBSD’s FUSE driver. That project is now complete.

Faces of FreeBSD 2019: Roller Angel Faces of FreeBSD 2019: Roller Angel Anne Dickison 09/10/2019

Growing up, Roller Angel was always fascinated with technology and what makes it work. Telephones, radios, computers – all were taken apart by Roller to see what was inside. “I wanted to know what made them tick and imagined how cool it would be to understand these things, so I could make them do what I want,” he recalls. “Little did I know how much there is to learn!”

FreeBSD Foundation Q2 2019 Status Update FreeBSD Foundation Q2 2019 Status Update Anne Dickison 09/03/2019

Written as part of the FreeBSD Project’s Q2 2019 Status report, check out the highlights of what we did to help FreeBSD last quarter.

FreeBSD Around the World FreeBSD Around the World Anne Dickison 08/12/2019

One of our major goals this year is to increase FreeBSD awareness around the world. I’m excited about upcoming events, like the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit, where we are giving a talk on FreeBSD. But first, I wanted to highlight some of the events we’ve attended over the past few months. I have been pretty bad about writing event reports, so I’m summarizing some of them here. It’s a good thing our Marketing Director isn’t local, otherwise she would be camping in our office forcing me to write the reports.

June/July 2019 Development Projects Update June/July 2019 Development Projects Update Anne Dickison 08/09/2019

A number of Foundation-sponsored projects are currently in progress – here are some highlights:

Scalability Improvements
Each year CPUs are made with larger core and thread counts, and running FreeBSD on these new CPUs often uncovers new scalability bottlenecks. Mateusz Guzik is investigating and addressing bottlenecks, using a number of motivating use cases,
such as “poudriere -j 128” package builds and “will-it-scale”.